Analytical Chemistry


Definition: Analytical chemistry is the development and application of concepts, principles and strategies to measure chemical systems. Before continuing:

  • It is recommended you review topics in general chemistry
  • Many ideas, calculations and vocabulary in analytical chemistry will be built on top of gen chem
  • Click here to go to references for recommended books and other sources related to gen chem
  • Throughout the pages you may find additional descriptions or links if I think a topic or idea requires additional explanation

Classical (Wet) Chemistry Experiments:

I. Acid-Base Titration
     1. Determination of Acetic Acid Concentration
     2. Determination of Nitric Acid Concentration

II. EDTA Titrations

III. Gravimetry

IV. Other

Instrumental Chemistry:

I. Atomic Spectroscopy

II. Molecular Spectroscopy

    1. Determination of Phosphate by Absorption Spectroscopy

III. Separation Chemistry

IV. Electrochemistry

MSDS refers to the material safety data sheet